face-lift procedure is the ‘smart’ technology era leading us to wrinkles?

face-lift procedure

A Face-lift procedure.  The high tchnology era has its benefits and downfalls like every aspect in life. Sure the gadgets, tablets and smartphones make our life much easier, with evolving technology even allowing us to control our fridge and washing machine from an App. With so much reliance on technology for entertainment, news, work, education, socialising, shopping and so on, we consciously or unconsciously end up spending more than 10 hours a day glued to our screens and away from the natural environment and daily chores that are meant to keep us healthy and up and running.

Just how constant use of the keyboard can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury, the posture we indirectly adapt into due to our body’s fight or flight mechanism not only stiffens the muscles causing body ache and other illnesses but also affects how we will age with time according to a recent research report.

face- lift procedure…MAYBE! 

We hear you ask how? The tilted posture that one moulds into to stare at the device screens is known to shorten the neck muscles, lead to sagging jowls and double chin, exaggerating the deep lines between the mouth and the neck. Try and notice the ‘smartphone face’ when you are skyping a friend abroad or indulging in a video web chat of any sort and see how your muscles form into a saggy mess whilst doing so.

The obvious recommendation would be to take constant breaks from these digital screens, keep a conscious eye on your posture making sure you keep your chin up, always rest on a back support and do not lean forward where ever possible. Try and identify the reason which leads you to gaping with your mouth open, staring right into the screen. It can be your weak eye sight perhaps consider getting it checked.

Having said that, it can be almost inevitable for a majority of us to take such frequent breaks and stay away from digital devices due to our hectic work schedule.

Cosmetic surgery options 

face-lift procedure variants.

If you are young, we suggest looking into the possibility of a scar and incision free Aptos Thread Lift in your 30’s to maintain the chiselled contours of your youthful face. It costs less than a traditional face-lift procedure and takes less time to heal, giving just as good results.

If you are in your 40’s however and have been a victim of the ‘smartphone face’ already, the damage can be undone by a traditional Face Lift that removes excess skin alongside tightening the entire face from the jawline, chin and cheeks, Cheek implants to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones or a Botox Treatment to relax muscles and prevent wrinkles altogether.

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