From a 60’s wild child to now- a facelift plastic surgery time!

facelift plastic surgery

Age 63 surely that can’t be me! From a 60’s wild child to an OAP its facelift time!

A  facelift plastic surgery story is it time for you?

facelift plastic surgeryIt’s often said a sign of old age is when it seems everyone we encounter either at work, socially, trips to the bank, Dr’s surgery, or the Vet’s etc. all  appears to be that much younger than ourselves. Most of the girls I see on the make-up counter in our local department store looks as if they should still be in school. The list is endless.

Often unwittingly I find myself saying to people “do you remember” it could be a pop artist, politician, TV show, famous event and then I stop myself, and think “Crikey” they wouldn’t remember, after all they are ONLY age 30!

I didn’t spend every day gloomily reflecting about my advancing years. However something occurred which really struck a chord and prompted me to embark on my facelift plastic surgery journey. To explain, I received a copy of a letter from my orthopaedic surgeon sent to my GP.

The letter began ” I recently saw this 63 year old woman” and I read on further thinking ‘this must be a mistake’ until any doubts were banished when my actual full name was there in bold print.


Surely this can’t be me-oldie, heading for the “knackers” yard, old biddies  etc!

So that’s me-a relic, dinosaur, seen better days with the Bingo and whist drives beckoning me. Often I find myself reading something about  a celebrity from what seemed not too long ago stated that she/he is now age 64-something. Then it “sinks in” that so am I-or near enough!

The 1980’s seems just like yesterday. Particularly from then on where have all the years vanished to? Boy George, Samantha Fox, Pet Shop Boys, heavy mobile phones, Filofaxes I just can’t believe we have moved on so quick. Then again 1985 to now, is 28 years gone by. This takes what was then a 35 year old woman to being today a 63 year old.

Inside I haven’t changed much at all.

I still like an occasional booze session with my husband, and now our Son and his girlfriend join us too. We often go on late into the night with lots of raucous laughter together with smoking too many fags. I dress fairly trendily, always have done so!. I’d say all in all I simply don’t fit the profile of your average pensioner. I do have a bus pass, but thus far refrained from using it.

Actually I don’t feel very old at all. The only frequent reminder is my need to use spectacles. In fact I have a stock of around five or six scattered around the house, as often, I can’t remember where I left them. Ah…yes….my memory, I forgot about that one! See below the difference a facelift made to our MD.

facelift plastic surgery
facelift plastic surgery


On the outside with the help of my cosmetic surgeon I have done all I can to” hold back” the advancing years and will continue to do. So, what about a facelift plastic surgery procedure?l

Want to know more?..well here you are!

Boob job improving your bust profile

Boob job or Breast Enlargement

Boob job

A boob job




 If women are ‘well endowed’ to put it delicately there is so much more scope for showing off your appearance in the clothing/dress dept. For example:-deep necks, fitted waists, and body hugging dresses. Swim suits and bikinis automatically appear fuller and sexier.

Frankly on the whole men are inclined to find such women on first glance more compelling.  As a highly shapely woman the world sees you in a completely different manner so it is no wonder celebrities in the entertainment sector such as Katie Price, Heidi Montag, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and thousands of others have resorted to a boob job  Breast Enhancement and Enhancement surgeries to enhance their figure from flat to curvy.

But what if you are a cup size A and naturally flat in the chest area?. Does it mean you will be overshadowed when first glanced at in a night club compared to the curvier women out there?

We all know and accept this is a shallow and superficial perspective. Indeed your face, personality, confidence, sense of humour and other aspects of the body play a more solid and vital role as well. But the dominance of the more curvy lady simply cannot be ignored.

We have the perfect solution for you! 

Whether you want to increase a few cup sizes due to underdeveloped breasts, in which case we’d recommend  boob job Breast Enlargement Surgery.

Or perhaps you are looking to lift the breast area to make it appear younger and more perky. These symptoms of saggy or droopy boobs are often due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy or ageing.

Last but not least where do you go for such cosmetic surgery?  We don’t claim to be superior but can say this: we have 20 years experience and more than 20000 patients all take and delivered home safely from our facility in Prague. We rest our CASE! 

Breast Uplift can drastically improve your confidence and make you feel 10 years younger!

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic surgery for men

Cosmetic surgery traditonally has been associated and dominated by the female genre.

However these days they face competition  from our menfolk trying to make their mark in this field too.

This year in the UK demand by males for Cosmetic surgery has increased  by a whopping 7%.

Jesting apart, we never understood why it should be any different for men than women. Looking good is not something exclusively the domain of the female gender.

Traditionally it was commonplace for men to opt for procedures which were of a non-invasive nature. But not so today, they are bolder and more adventurous in this respect. [Read more…]

Cosmetic surgery in Prague


Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Libby pre face

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Libby post face

Following the times of Libby Babbage and her cosmetic surgery journey. From Playboy Bunny girl, Model, to Croupier, Air Stewadess, to Enterpeneur.

Born in Prague, married 1970 John and then moved to England where she has remained ever since. Currently regarded by many as a cosmetic surgery Guru

Libby Cetlova married sweetheart John Babbage in Prague February 28th 1970 before moving to Britain to live.

Since then they have travelled between the two countries many hundreds of times.

Libby has imparted the Czech linguistics on John,whilst he was able to help her learn English meaning both of them are now bilingual.

Libby’s early career

Libby drew on her stunning looks and in 1972 not only was she working as a successful part time model, but she had a much coveted position as a Playboy bunny girl. Moving on in 1974, Libby became a croupier, and in 1976 began a 10 year career as an Air Stewardess.

1982 saw Libby and John added to their family with a son Paul. A wife and mother did not suppress her creative desire and since leaving air travel in 1986 her entrepreneurial streak has seen her involved in many projects.

Libbys Later career

In 1995 Libby Babbage, along with husband John created Europa International.

Offering what was, at that time a new and unique business concept- namely: a cheaper (non U.K) cosmetic surgery option in Prague Czech Republic. Being born in Prague enabled Libby to be “privy” to the little known fact (at that time) the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) pioneered 20th century plastic surgery! (refer to publications; Prof. Frantisek Burian).

The work done by Libby has significantly changed the cosmetic surgery world, it is perhaps best explained in her own words:

‘May I say “our own” pioneering work has contributed greatly to placing Czech cosmetic surgery in Prague firmly on the world map.

Prague Czech Republic, was/is and always will be, our sole destination. Therefore we could argue our early work 1n 1995 led to the generating nowadays of: income to the tune of millions of pounds/euros. Not to mention providing “a living” to the entrepreneurial opportunists who “piggy-backed” our intellectual creativity!!’

A fantastic knowledge of the two cultures gives Libby unique skills in helping women from the UK obtain their dream results whilst with Europa International in Prague.

In 2001

Libby decided it was time to reclaim her own youthful looks and underwent a Breast Uplift, had a face and neck lift. The results were awesome.

In 2008

Libby returned for more this time having her tummy tucked, her bingo wing removed and liposuction of her thighs.

In 2009

She underwent a full dental overhaul of her teeth.

In 2011

Her original Cosmetic surgery in Prague was “tidied up” which is recommended after 10 years.

Finally – watch this space! Libby will never rule out having more surgery and could well be signing up for buttock lift, and hand ageing and chest region skin rejuvenation.

Speaking of her own experiences under knife Libby says..

‘I’m totally amazed at my new look – not bad for a 62 year old! Now, I feel confident to show off my figure – I am a new me and feel like a new woman. I fully believe in doing all you can to make yourself feel alive and not be dragged into ‘old age’ – why should I?’

It is clear that such an interest in cosmetic surgery in Prague empowers Libby with more than just a business interest in Europa. Her passion for her chosen specialist area has seen her not only transform her looks, but after helping hundreds of happy clients, her career role into one the most successful cosmetic surgery gurus of her time.