Liposuction vaser prague

Vaser Lipo

Vaser liposuction vs conventional method

1) Images below feature one our former patients: Joanne from Corby.

2) Presentation video introduces Europa International owner -Libby Babbage> Taken in 2009.  She has incidentally undergone further surgery since then!

More on liposuction  and liposuction vaser method visit our vaser liposuction surgery website

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Pro’s and con’s of cosmetic surgery

The Pro’s and con’s of cosmetic surgery.

The mirror don’t lie and none of us can escape the ageing process. But what to do about it-if anything?

Lets look at what are the main concerns for many of us?

Pro’s and con’s of cosmetic surgery

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Stay looking young and cosmetic surgery considerations

Cosmetic surgery considerations

Vanessa breast implants with Europa

Cosmetic surgery considerations




A few tips and pointers for you.

A Cosmetic surgery procedure will improve your appearance by adjusting various parts of your body. Parts which generally are in good working order but quite simply- don’t look how you would wish.

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