Endotine Facelift

Endotine Facelift in Prague

Endotine facelift  is a system developed in the USA. Using super-soft absorbable implants which are inserted under the skin in the face and neck.

What’s the main attraction of this procedure?  Endotine Facelift only required a local anaesthetic.

Cleverly the implant hold the soft tissues into the desired lifted position. After the procedure a new fibrous structures begins to form under the skin which continues to support the tissue in place even after the implant has fully dissolved. The Endoline facelift method is used either on its own or as an optimal complementation, to a conventional face lift surgery procedure.
The Endotin implants are inserted through tiny incisions offers a highly effective alternative to either a conventional forehead/ brow lift or facelift-neck lift. The patented design of the implants guarantees the safe tissue fixation in the new position and moreover it enables easily re-adjustment to the positioning of the tissue at any time thus enabling further correction as and when required.

One of the most effective improvements which can be achieved with the Endotine facelift system is the lifting of drooping eyebrows and surgery of the upper eyelids at the same time through just a single incision and without general anaesthetic. The Endotine Trans Bleph implant is inserted into the area under the eyebrows and Directly fixed to the bone in the eyebrow arch. The eyebrow is fixed into a new adjusted position with a minimum need to interfere with the periosteum, and subsequently the surgeon performs upper eyelid surgery.

The result of the two procedures is a really rejuvenated look which in the past would have involved several procedures a general anaesthetic and major downtime.

Problems with agging skin on the middle section of the face can be corrected using two types of adjustment implants namely the Endotine midface lift. After inserting the endotine implant  the surgeon lifts the tissue with the help of a strip which is part of the implant. Since the entire system is very simple the surgeon has absolute control over the EXTENT of the skin and he needs to  lift and exactly where. Once everything is settled into the desired position slowly the implant is absorbed by the body but the result are long lasting.

The midface ST implant is inserted through an incision on the temple or from inside the oral cavity (anchored by the suture in the subcutaneous area) and tissue which enables a lift in the area of lines Between the mouth and nose. Since the length of the fixation is adjustable, the surgeon can lift your skin exactly as you wish. The midface B fixation is used to lift the area of the “cheeks”, and tissue around the cheekbones. It is inserted safely and without scars through the inner side of the lower eyelid where it is anchored in the lower eye socket.

Thanks to this implant droopy cheeks can be lifted in the vertical direction.

In the Czech Republic, the Endontine facelift technique is performed only by a limited number of surgeons.

After the intervention a compressive dressing is applied in the form of an elasticated bandage or special flexible garment. This garment is essential for healing and prevent unevenness in the final result. The garment should be worn day and night for 2 weeks.


Duration of the procedure: 2 hours

  • Its recommended one month prior to surgery to avoid the following: anything which acts to thin the blood these are known as salicylates which as well as in some painkiller tablets are also present in many fruits  and some vegetables for example: Almonds, apples, apricots, berries (blackberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries) cherries, cucumbers (pickles), currants, grapes.(any product made from grapes – wine, wine vinegar, jellies, raisins etc. including: NECTARINES, & ORANGES).  Also excluded are : PEACHES, PLUMS, PRUNES, TOMATOES and all tomato products.  ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER.  (Grapefruits, lemons and limes are permitted).
  •  The following should not be taken 2 weeks prior to and after surgery:  Effamol G, Evening Primrose Oil, Wheatgerm with vitamin E, Salmon oil capsules, Cod liver oil capsules, Multi-vitamins with E.   No homeopathic, Naturopathic preparations including: Ginseng, Imedeen, Redwine-Garlic Ginseng.No anti-inflammatory drugs eg. Medications for the treatment of swelling, bruising, pains etc including:- Indocid, Surgam, Brufen, Voltarol, Froben, Cilnoril, Neurofen, Tandril and partivularly aspirin.
  • It is assumed that no acute illnesses occurred in the period of at least three weeks before the planned operation (viral illness, cold, etc.). Report any and all illnesses to the clinic.

In the lead up to your operations (7 days prior) try to drink between two three litres of mineral water every day. Where possible (we understand its tough) but ideally cut out the cigarettes or cut down to 2-3 per day. On the day of the operation if you taken a cigarette the operation will be cancelled. Before you ask- they can tell if you have or not! Alcohol should be avoided 7 days prior. Make sure you wash your hair as it could be a few days after surgery before the surgeon approves  it.

Type of anaesthetic: local sedation, general in certain cases.

Stay at the clinic: One day

Recommended stay in Prague: At least 5 days

Suture removal: 9 days after the surgery

Final effect: 2 to 3 months

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