Pauline Field won a Facelift” story

Pauline - Chat magazine after she found out about facelift

Pauline – Chat magazine

Was it worth it?

Pauline and her facelift operation


Pauline Field, age 52

Chat magazine reader Pauline Field entered our Chat magazine  competition win a facelift, writing a poem about her “droopy face” and “baggy eyes.”  readers unanimously voted her the winner. we are delighted to say all went brilliantly well. Here is her story.


Pauline’s Facelift Diary

Saturday 19 February

Pauline before facelift operation

“Hang on shouted my grandson Amarni, aged 3, i’ll get it” as the mail hit the doormat.
“It’s me  Postman Pat!” he smiled handing me a  number of envelopes. Bills, Bills, and more Bills.
“Hold on, what’s this one?” I said to myself, looking at this  plain thickish envelope.
I then hurriedly opened it up.
The letter heading read Chat magazine.
“Dear Pauline”  “We’re delighted to advise that you are the the winner of our win a Facelift competition!”
I was unable tot read the rest of it, I was overcome.
“David!” I shouted to my husband. Both daughters Karen, and Laura, 21, came running into the hallway too.
“I’m going to get a new face!” I squeaked waving the letter.
Pauline before facelift operation

Sunday 20 February

“For goodness sake get off that blooming phone?” yelled my husband. “The money you are spending on phone calls telling everyone we could probably pay for a facelift!”
I’d must admit I had spent most of the day calling  friends and family giving them the good news.

But  laying in bed that night, I began to feel anxious. Thinking off all the horror stories I had heard about plastic surgery. What if I didn’t come round after anaesthetic? What if I actually wake up during the operation?
“To be honest I never got a wink of sleep,” I told my husband about my fear to next morning.
“Don’t worry – I am sure Chat magazine have thoroughly researched the clinic and Europa is well known locally and many years in th industry,” he smiled.
Then the phone rang.
“Hello Pauline, it’s Libby Babbage of  Europa International,”she said.
“I’m very relieved you called!” I told her, then proceed  to  bombard her with a rake of questions.
Libby was brilliant, waylaid all my anxieties. I  did actually sleep soundly that night.

Facelift - before - Pauline

Facelift – before – Pauline

Saturday 2 April

“You’ll never guess  – once again I was stopped in the street !”
News of my facelift had spread like wildfire and I had become a bit of a local celebrity!
Soon , I found myself packing my suitcase ready for my Prague trip.
“I brought  this nightie for you Mum,” Karen said when calling in later that day. “I thought it might be easy to put on – y’know, with the bruises and all.”
I looked at the big, baggy, white nightshirt.
“Thanks,” I winced. Was I doing the right thing?

Sunday 3 April

“I’ll see you in a week, then, love,” my husband said as he manhandled his golf clubs out the door.
Nothing could keep David away from 18 holes – not even his wife going abroad for a major op!
“Good luck,” said Laura, as she left for her job as a beautician. Works all hours, that girl.
It was just me, Karen and Amarni when the car turned up.
“You’ll be absolutely fine,” smiled Karen.
“Bye, granny,” Amarni said, giving me a kiss.
“I’ll see you soon,” I sniffed, trying to cover up my tears.
I couldn’t believe I was getting so emotional – it was only a holiday, after all. At least, that’s what I kept telling myself.

Monday 4 April

I nearly didn’t wake up – the bed in my hotel room was so comfy! So quiet, too.
I had to go for a medical this morning.
“There’s a small problem with the left side of your heart,” the Czech doctor said, in English.
“Your veins are a bit blocked. But, as long as you don’t start smoking, or weightlifting, you should be fine.”
Well, I wasn’t planning to start smoking any time soon, and as for weightlifting – forget it!
My op would happen tomorrow morning. My stomach was starting to churn.
“Are you OK?” Karen, one of the other facelift patients asked.
She was staying in my hotel, and we’d decided to go sightseeing around Prague together.
As we walked over the beautiful Charles Bridge, I told her my fears.
“You could always back out,” she smiled.
“No way!” I said. “I want this facelift more than anything!”
That night, I took a sleeping pill – I was determined to be well rested for my big day!

Pauline at facelift surgery

Pauline – surgery

Tuesday 5 April

When I woke up, I felt completely calm.
This was it!
John Babbage from Europa International picked me up from the hotel and drove me and Karen to the clinic 15 minutes away.

“You starting some new fashion craze?” Karen and John laughed at the clinic.
The surgeon had put my hair up in lots of small pigtails to keep it out of my face. I looked ridiculous! But the laughter took my mind off the op.
I went into surgery at 8:30am – it was due to last about three hours. The next thing I remember is waking up and feeling like my face belonged to someone else!
“Urgh!” I groaned through my bandages.
My head was so heavy, I couldn’t sit up without help.
“Try and get some rest,” the nurse said, as I drifted back to sleep.

Thursday 7 April

After two days being bed bound and eating mashed banana, it was time for my bandages to come off.
As the doctors unwound them, I felt a huge sense of relief.
“Do you want to take a look?” my surgeon Peter Hayduk asked, handing me a mirror.
What a shock.
I had two black eyes, and bruises everywhere – my face was so swollen.
But, already, I could see the improvement. My skin was wrinkle-free. I was so excited!
That night, back in the hotel, some Italian students were making a lot of noise. Dressed in my white nightshirt, with bruised face wrapped into a compression bandage, I stormed out into the corridor.
“Shhh!” I said, as they all stared in horror. They must’ve thought I was the ghost of some poor murder victim!

Friday 8 April

Pauline after facelift operation

That night, my husband arrived to spend a few days with me.
“Blimey, you look like you’ve gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson!” he said. “Did it go OK?”
“Fine,” I said. “Apart from a small problem with my heart. It didn’t stop the op but it means we can’t have sex any more!”
You should’ve seen his face!
“Only joking!” I laughed, as I hugged him.

Pauline and David after facelift operation

Pauline and David

People stared at us as we walked through the street – they probably thought he’d been bashing me about!

“Why don’t you cover up a bit?” Karen said. She always wore a big scarf wrapped around her head, Audrey Hepburn style.

But I didn’t care. “I am not going to see these people again,” I laughed. That was the beauty of being in a foreign country.

Friday 15 April

I looked in the mirror as we left our hotel room. Gorgeous!
The bruising had nearly all gone, and I looked 20 years younger. I was sad to be leaving Prague. I’d had a great time. But I couldn’t wait to get home and show off my new face.
“What do you think the girls will say?” I asked David as we checked in at the airport. “You know they’d always love you either way.” David sighed.
“I know – but now I love me, too!” I laughed.
“Mum, you look great!” screamed the girls when I got home.
And it didn’t stop there. People were looking at me – strangers – and it wasn’t because I looked like I’d been hit by a bus, either.

Pauline - after facelift

Pauline – after facelift

Saturday 16 April

I went into town for the first town with my new look. I didn’t realise I knew so many people. Everyone seemed to stop me and compliment me on how great I looked. Said they couldn’t believe how young I seemed.
“Well done!” they said. “You’re so brave!”
Most people wanted to know if it hurt.
“No pain, no gain!” I laughed. I feel that now I have a face that suits my body and mind.

To Europa International and everyone at the clinic who treated me so well – I can’t thank you enough.

And the same goes for all the Chat readers for sending me to Prague in the first place – you’ve changed my life!

If you would like to have a cosmetic surgery experience in Prague call Europa-International on 01582 876 309 or use our online form.