Breast Reduction Testimonial – Miss Patel

Miss Patel’s thank you letter

“My op was surprisingly pain free!!”

Age:  20
Procedure: Breast reduction
City: Leicester

Sent to Libby by e mail:

HI guys  how are you all?!?! John mentioned that you rang, so here I am, well  and very much alive……my op in all honesty was a piece of cake! I mean I did expect to  experience much higher pain levels….so no bad thing…..

……..well  I have to say Prague seems nice…..did a bit of shopping and  around city today…..its been so terribly  hot though.

how have  u been Libby?

Went today for my check up today surgeon seems satisfied am I !!!

Anyways, cya sometime in the future and thanks for everything.

Sincerely Miss S. Patel

Breast reduction - front - before

Breast reduction – front – before

Breast reduction - front - after

Breast reduction – front – after

Breast reduction - right - before

Breast reduction – right – before


E mail number 2:

Really loving them!!! …and they feel so really normal!!!

hiya…i’ was meaning to send you an email you but the net was down. Im now back home and also finished at uni too. I did quite well there in exams a 2:1, so there’s cause for ats another thing to celebrate……

Honestly am really loving them! Please convey a special  thank you to john for everything….he did..he was great….i’d recommend you people to anyone!!…….

Hope all is well with you and will l email soon post op pics!

I have chatted to John about the pictures…and rally i don’t mind you using them long as my face is not shown! lol.


S. Patel

Breast reduction - right - after

Breast reduction – right – after

Breast reduction - left - before

Breast reduction – left – before


E mail number 3:

Boobs are really good and totally healed now!

The sunshine was great. But Dubai was so terribly hot!  Enjoyed spending  lots of time with family!

Boobs are great. I found the other day an unremoved stitch which more or less came out itself…or should I say with a tiny tug! lol.

Whilst writing is there any particular anti scarring cream or anything i could apply?  I  mean they’re healing great but thought i might as well if there is something…..

As promised here are my pics….hope they come of some use to you and any prospective new anxious patient such as I was. Especially those  with concerns over kelloid issues with darker skin such as mine.

S. Patel

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