Breast augmentation testimonial – Karen Burns

Karen ‘s thank you letter

Procedure(s): Breast augmentation surgery
Town residing: Durham

Hand written thank you letter for the procedure

Karen’s thank you letter

Superb after care  and John a brilliant and respectful host.

Breast augmentation - Karen - before - front

Karen – before – front

Breast augmentation - Karen - after - front

Karen – after – front

Breast augmentation - Karen - before - side

Karen – before – side

Breast augmentation - Karen - after - side

Karen – after – side

Hello John

I recently called in on my G.P just to check all is in order. She remarked everything was brilliant and moreover it persuaded her to have hers done too. she had been considering it but my results swayed into going for it. How good a testimonial is that!

love from

karen x