Breast augmentation testimonial – Jay Jay

Jay Jay’s thank you letter

You were there for me when I needed you.

Age: 23
Procedure: Breast augmentation revision

Thank you card by Jay Jay

Thank you – card

Hand written thank you card for the operation

Thank you – card – reverse

I must admit thought that you might not be interested

Hi John,

Its Jay-Jay here!! Having just returned from Prague I felt I should commend you on  your exceptional after-care service. As you are aware  my implant on one side became lopsided.  I visited my local hospital here and was informed my implant was leaking in two places. as predicted  they seemed to show great  glee and  in giving me this info, especially as I had the procedure done  in another country.  There was an undercurrent of… “well what do you expect when  going abroad to a third world destination for cut price surgery!!”

Armed with this information I took the step of requesting your assistance. To be frank, I thought possibly you may not be  interested. But no.. not at all, you showed genuine concern, and contacted my surgeon in Prague about the matter. I remember you reported back his reaction was, its highly unlikely a rupture had occurred being made of “cohesive gel” and only once had he encountered a rupture, which was after severe impact following a car crash

Without hesitation I was asked to return to your clinic and he very fairy agreed to re-operate totally free of charge. In addition you kindly offered to collect me from Prague airport as well as returning me me afterwards and  permitted as well as my boyfriend full use of your apartment free of charge . Not to mention you were there for us, as well as even taking us for lunch.

As you know it turned out after consulting the surgeon and a subsequent  “ultrasound” my implant had indeed not ruptured . What happened was it had actually rotated, causing the peculiar appearance. It was manipulated back into place under a local anaesthetic, and afterwards I was given some tight bandage  to keep it in place. To the surgeons credit he maintained a very dignified silence on the finding of my local hospital. He did however comment that there is a possibility the implant could move again. If this did happen then the next time it would have to be removed and replaced with a different shape implant.  He said its all down to complex scar tissue .. it happens from time to time.

I realise this is a first for Europa and by some people perceived as a negative. But I learned more about you by this happening than if there had been no problem at all. You were there for me when I needed you.

Many thanks,


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