Fibrogen Anti Wrinkle Treatment

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europa international

For an all-natural, wrinkle-free face there is nothing better than Fibrogen anti-wrinkle treatment.Unlike artificial filling materials

(Outline, Matridex) that present foreign substance for your organism, FibroGen anti wrinkle treatment uses your own cultivated cells.

FibroGen Anti Wrinkle Treatment Gently Removes and Improves

  • wrinkles
  • aging skin (improves its tonus)
  • post-acne defects
  • post-injury scars

Non-Risk FibroGen Anti Wrinkle Treatment

FibroGen Anti Wrinkle Treatment takes advantage of existing skin cells and exploits the knowledge base of cell medicine and tissue engineering. The method pivots on the use of your own cells which have multiplied in your tissue bank. This is due to the fact that fibroblasts (skin cells) are cultivated in your own serum (part of your blood) there is absolutely no foreign substance applied to your body. Thus, the risk of allergic reaction is nonexistent.

FibroGen Anti Wrinkle Treatment procedure

The FibroGen anti wrinkle treatment is carried out in three steps: Excise → multiply → apply

  1. Painless (under local anesthesia) excision (cut-out)
    of your skin tissue sample (appr. 3-4 mm of skin
    behind your ear)
  2. Skin sample purification and multiplication in a special tissue bank.
  3. Painless application by micro-needle of
    the cell culture (fibroblasts)

Deliberate start, long lasting effects

In contrast to widely used botulotoxin (Dysport) or artificial filling materials (Matridex, Outline), the visible affects of FibroGen anti wrinkle treatment emerge slowly (after 4-8 weeks) but last for 3 to 4 years. On top of that, the skin tissue under the “former-wrinkle” area rejuvenates with young and active cells that produce new collagen. All this not only makes the whole area tighter and fresher but also slows down its further aging.

When time stands still!

Your purified skin sample can be kept frozen (-78°C) for virtually an unlimited time period. So if you decide you would like to treat some other
wrinkle area or want to repeat the FibroGen anti wrinkle treatment after several years, the same (very likely years younger!) fibroblasts will be applied to you without the need for another sample excision.

Unlike you (sorry for saying it…), your
frozen cell samples in the form of fibroblast do not grow any older.

FibroGen Anti Wrinkle Treatment Makes All the Difference

For further information on FibroGen anti wrinkle treatment, or other procedures, please contact us.  We will be happy to help.