eyebag surgery

Eyebag surgery

Case study Tereza, Despite experiencing the usual and understandable pre plastic surgery anxiety -panic attacks etc. Ultimately Tereza said she wished she had undergone her lower eyebag surgery years ago. You can read her full testimony here.

See below the two contrasting images of Tereza.  Yes agreed she is wearing make up in the second picture- but focus on the lower eyes differences.

eyebag surgery

Tereza from Prague

eyebag surgery

Tereza from Prague post eyelid surgery


 Another great example  of our surgeons skills.

eyebag surgery

eyebag surgery

eyebag surgery

eye bags removed


Eyebag surgery (Blepharoplasty) makes a very noticeable and positive difference to the way you look.

Blepharoplasty surgery is more generally known as upper eyelid sand eyebag surgery. It is one of the most common operations in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Usually apart from younger patients (age 30-35 ish) it’s generally performed together with facelift surgery and or a browlift.

We have available the options of  using either laser co2 for lower eye bag removal,or theclassic scalpel method. It should however be noted if the eye-bags are quite prominent with considerable fat deposits the laser may not be an option

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Sometimes these procedure are combined with Forehead lift. Since often the excess skin on the upper eyelids is actually caused by drooping of the upper third of the face and not the eyelid itself it is logical to combine the two procedures. Lower eye-bag surgery is often done in conjunction with tightening of the mid-face – this technique is called a cheek-lifting (cheek-lift).


Our clinic was recently awarded the prestigious  German ISO  9001 quality certificate.


Eyelid surgery – before and after – Roslyn from Stockport (56)

Although being aware of Europa’s long standing good reputation  I still thought long and hard before taking  the plunge.- Roslyn from Stockport.

eyebag surgery
Before and after – eyelid surgery

eyebag  surgery

Excess skin excess tends to be less in the lower eyelids. The operation will remove fat prolapses along the entire width of the lower eyelid maintaining the natural tonus of the lower eyelid skin and preventing the formation of ugly bags below the eye. It is beneficial to visit a plastic surgeon early rather than later because eyelid surgery becomes much more difficult when the skin of the lower eyelid has fallen to the border of the face. Once this happens access to the lower eye bag sits too low for a conventional approach. Instead the surgeon has to adopt a facelift type approach which involves an incision to the front of the ear and rolling the skin back to reach the bag, which is no longer an eye bag anymore.

Eye bag eyelid Surgery – before and after, Lucy from Prague (47)

eyebag surgery

Lucy before the surgery

eyebag surgery

Lucy post-op


Eye bag Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Obviously and it really goes without saying  its imperative to seek out an experienced surgeon ideally with some testimonies to his/her work. Successful blepharoplasty eyelid or eye bag surgery is not just about removing loose skin but in most cases fat deposits which sit below it. Excess skin is generally greater  in the upper eyelid than lower eye bags. The excess skin to the upper eyelid is progressive and over time in some cases can actually obscure a persons vision. Regardless of how sometimes we like to “kid ourselves” late night, overwork, stress etc. the undeniable truth is that its part of the natural aging process.

However there are some contributing factors which sit outside of the aging process: skin type, often there can be temporary eyelid swelling  due to allergies, kidney condition, fat prolapses.  The so called laughter lines alongside the eye (mimic lines) are a manifestation of the natural use of face muscles and cannot be corrected as part of the blepharoplasty procedure. However their appearance can be minimised with the use of either botox, collagen or the use of laser. The Eyebag/eyelid surgery (on it’s own) is  done either under a local anaesthetic or sedation, with the only exception being if  you opt for the laser Co2 lower eye bag technique where a general anaesthetic is essential.

Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery – Georgina from Prague (53)

“I feel like a new woman!”

eyebag surgery

Georgina eyebag and eyelid surgery

Read Georgina´s full testimonial

Eye bag eyelid surgery- Pre-operative advice

  • Its recommended one month prior to surgery to avoid the following: anything which acts to thin the blood these are known as salicylates which are present in many fruits  and some vegetables for example: Almonds, apples, apricots, berries (blackberries, boysenberries, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries) cherries, cucumbers (pickles), currants, grapes.
    1. (any product made from grapes – wine, wine vinegar, jellies, raisins etc. including: NECTARINES, & ORANGES).  Also excluded are : PEACHES, PLUMS, PRUNES, TOMATOES and all tomato products.  ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL WHATSOEVER.  (Grapefruits, lemons and limes are permitted).
  •  The following should not be taken 2 weeks prior to and after surgery:  Effamol G, Evening Primrose Oil, Wheatgerm with vitamin E, Salmon oil capsules, Cod liver oil capsules, Multi-vitamins with E.   No homeopathic, Naturopathic preparations including: Ginseng, Imedeen, Redwine-Garlic Ginseng.No anti-inflammatory drugs eg. Medications for the treatment of swelling, bruising, pains etc including:- Indocid, Surgam, Brufen, Voltarol, Froben, Cilnoril, Neurofen, Tandril and partivularly aspirin.
  • It is assumed that no acute illnesses occurred in the period of at least three weeks before the planned operation (viral illness, cold, etc.). Report any and all illnesses to the clinic.

In the lead up to your operations (7 days prior) try to drink between two three litres of mineral water every day. Where possible (we understand its tough) but ideally cut out the cigarettes or cut down to 2-3 per day. On the day of the operation if you taken a cigarette the operation will be cancelled. Before you ask- they can tell if you have or not! Alcohol should be avoided 7 days prior. Make sure you wash your hair as it could be a few days after surgery before the surgeon approves  it.

Blepharoplasty eyelid eyebag surgery aftercare

Although surprisingly little, of course some swelling and bruising is present. Total rest and periodic use of a cold compresses helps a lot. on the fourth day (yes very quickly) the upper eye sutures are removed. The lower eye sutures remain in place a day or two longer. If the patients undergoes just lower eyebags using the co2 laser there are no sutures to remove.

Around two weeks following the surgery the patient can start to apply cosmetic preparations, and resume any sports or physical activities after around 3-4 weeks. Exposure to UV light for at least 6 months is a total no-no. Failure to adhere can have quite serious consequences. Namely sun bleaching to the fresh scar area which will be clearly visible and involve corrective surgery. The only exceptions are you must apply a high factor sun-protective creams, sunglasses and  wear a floppy hat.

Eye bag Eyelid surgery Risks

On the whole this procedure is deemed quite risk free and safe. This is despite paranoia which is often fuelled by the media. Yes, there have been stories of too much skin removed resulting in the patient being unable to close their eye properly. We have never encountered anything like this and to be honest it would take very bad surgeon for this to happen. After all its carefully measured beforehand how much to remove and marked clearly with a special pen. So in simplistic terms the surgeon just follow the lines which were created using the pen. There can occasionally be some droopiness which usually occurs just in one eye. This can last up to 6 months and although very worrying at the time it does clear up. Daily massages to the area affected helps. its quite a rare manifestation but it should be clear to the patient it may occur. No two people are the same and nor is their healing ability. From our experiences the worst which can happen is  bruising . Occasionally smoker can encounter healing problems due to poor blood supply.

More about lower Eyebag Removal using the Co2 laser. (Transconjunctival)

eye bag eyelid surgery

The surgeons with Europa provide the option of the latest laser technology for lower eye bag removal therefore you will not experience incisions or scarring. What you get is a clean pain-free operation with outstanding results. Lower eyebag surgery removes sags and excessive skin from under the eyes to give you a smooth, youthful appearance.

Blepharoplasty eyebag removal deploying  a Co2 laser scalpel

Only takes around 30 minutes from start to finish. There are no incision incision involved which obviates any concerns over  scarring.  Indeed post op there are absolutely no traces that any surgical procedure ever took place at all.

However one disadvantage for some is that the procedure can only be performed under a general anaesthetic. This is due mainly to the intense heat generated by the laser. But in most cases, as described above the procedure is performed in conjunction with a facelift and you are already under a G/A anyway.

The operation itself works on the lower mucosa sac which is located inside the eye not external. A small dissection is made and within a few minutes lipid vesicles emerge which are removed with the laser scalpel device.

Mucous membrane situated  in the lower conjunctival sac are bonded using a special glue so no sutures involved. Another big plus here is at the same time the laser can be applied in another role of facial rejuvenation. This softening any facial lines and wrinkles.

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Have you thought probably your eye bag surgery woukd  cost less than a weeks holiday? We understand you might be apprehensive especially as it relates to your eyes and pre plastic surgery anxiety is indeed the norm..we will give you all the facts pro´s and con´s..then leave it you to decide. If you need more info, please contact us.