Comprehensive health screening

Health Screening

Although not related to cosmetic surgery we feel this service may be of benefit to those with any health concerns and/or long NHS waiting lists, sloppy service etc.

Comprehensive screening is a unique test that is used to diagnose diseases which might already be present but without showing any clinical symptoms. A preventive health examination enables our Dr’s to catch any potential diseases when in the very earliest stages. Examination of physical ailments is seen in close connection with the psyche, which often accompanies physical symptom or the cause.

How long does the comprehensive screening procedure take?

Comprehensive screening can be carried out in one full day. However before the comprehensive examination begins each client is invited to a brief initial interview, during which he/she will be acquainted in detail with what’s involved during the examination procedure.

What is involved in comprehensive screening?

General health check.

During the initial consultation/interview you will be asked information about any medical conditions you have, or think you may have. At the same time a thorough physical examination is conducted. In addition questions are asked about any current/previous problems/concerns and any associated circumstances. A major focus here is the diagnosis of any real or potential diseases to the internal organs. From this our physician will have a clear picture.

Examination of the cardiovascular system

This Includes ECG and a load bearing exercise test to assess the potential hypoperfusion heart muscle. In consultation with your examining physician he/she can add extra screening (under favourable conditions) to the heart ultrasound (echocardiography) and 24-hour ECG monitoring to avoid possible disturbances of cardiac rhythm and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring to assess its variation during day and night time.

Vascular system

The system is studied by Doppler ultrasound. Diagnose disorders of arterial blood supply, venous insufficiency or venous blockage (thrombosis).

Eye examinations

Assessing the front and back of the eye segment, we analyse the possible pathological changes of the retina.

Dermatological examination

We evaluate not only the condition of the skin, as well as hair and nails. We specialize in dermatological problems and possible pathological changes in the skin (prevention of melanoma). We also offer a wide range of cosmetic interventions to improve your appearance.



We examine bone density and evaluate the risk of fractures and any susceptibility towards osteoporosis. Often it’s recommended taking of minerals and vitamins or other similar supplements which reinforce bone structure.


For men, watching the flow of urine by this method reveal any slow emptying, which is mostly due to problems with the prostate.

Gynecological examination

Consistent preventive inspection focuses on cancer prevention, also addresses the issues of inflammation or urinary problems.


Shows the structure of the vital organs and is used to diagnose infections, tumors, presence of stones, etc.

Chest X-ray

Gives information on the size of the heart, large vessels and  pulmonary tissue. It is important for the diagnosis of inflammation and tumors to this key area.

Dental tour

It combines state examination of teeth with cancer examination of the oral cavity, suggests appropriate prevention and care, treatment methods and the latest cosmetic dental treatment.

Ear, nose and throat

The examination is supplemented by audiometric hearing test. This enables the surgeon  to identify any current or possible future illness, which might at a later stage  require surgical intervention.

Laboratory tests

It includes biochemical and hematological analysis of blood and urine basic virological and immunological screening, examination of some tumor markers hidden blood in the stool a panel of oxidative damage to the body, which gives information about the aging process in tissues.

Stress and its effects.

Investigations using a questionnaire designed to discover the influence of stress factors and their contribution to any anxiety-depressive illness.


Rehabilitation examination

It analyses the problems of musculo-musculoskeletal physiotherapy and proposes procedures for effective prevention and solution of the problem.

Nutritional counselling

It explores the eating habits and nutritional structure. Proposes measures that can be taken to avoid  any digestive problems and problems with weight issues. It is very important for the stabilisation of normal levels of enzymes, hormones, vitamins and minerals, which have a direct impact on the overall condition and health of the body.

Final Report

At the agreed time your screening results will be presented by way of a final report. This is an overall evaluation of the results obtained during screening. This presentation is an accurate assessment of the overall view site health status of the client and highlights the potential risks associated with the current state of health and medical findings in their complexity. During the presentation based on your profile your  attention will be drawn to any manifest  risk factors. At the same propose various recommendations to the client to to avoid future health problems, maintain or treatment to stabilise and /or improve any current conditions which may have been discovered.

Our clinic also offer what is known as GenScan

It is a genetic test that reveals any genetic predisposition to various diseases and the characteristics of the organism. Based on the specific DNA it can be determined any susceptibility to more than twenty recurrent diseases and physiological capabilities of the organism.