Cheek implants

Cheek implants


Facial Implants are widely used on people with what are perceived as congenital defects to specific areas such as face, chin, or in some cases- nasal deformity.

Cheek implants

Cheek implant – after 2 months

Here we feature a very brave young lady (From NZ. A Kiwi) A brave lady who rang us on Monday-booked immediately, was in Prague by Thursday and back in UK on Monday.

See below more images of the lady featured here.

Cheek implants emphasise or augment a previously underdeveloped part of the face.

With the development of new plastic materials in particular ‘inert plastics’ (materials that do not cause tissue reaction) the procedure is becoming increasingly popularity.

Facial implants are widely used on people who believe they were born or perceived as having facial congenital defects. This can specific areas such as face, chin, or in some cases nasal deformity.

Depending on what the patient hopes to achieve, there are a variety of materials which can be used such as: Polythene and slicone and hydroxyapatite – is also known as “artificial bone”.

These materials possess excellent engraftment abilities, and minimal rejection rate.

Interestingly, on the horizon are developments in implants which will be made from the clients own tissue.

How does cheek implants augmentation procedure work?

All we  can add here it is “it’s damn clever” how its all done!

We are not able to describe in detail how this procedure works. However at our clinic the cheek implants are inserted via the lower eyelid by using a Co2 laser.

This contrast with many other clinic,  who insead surgically insert them via the inside of the mouth.

By using the Co2 laser there isn’t even one single stitch involved.

The laser opens the lower lid sufficiently to create a pocket in which the implant are inserted. Once the implants are in place a surgical glue is used to seal everything no sutures. other than that we just do not know the intricacies of the procedure.

The images below speak for themselves.

New Zealand lady’s short testimonial:-

“Brilliant results !”


John thanks for all you did for me in Prague.

Cheek implant - before - left side

Before the operation from left side

Cheek implant - after - front

After the operation

Cheek implant - after - left side

After the operation from left side

Cheek implant - after 2 months - side

After 2 months

Cheek implant - after 2 months - front

After 2 months


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