Cancer to head and neck Proton therapy

An effective and safe treatment for head and neck cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with a tumour in the head and neck and irradiation is recommended (postoperative or as a standalone treatment method), this treatment can be performed more conservatively than ever before.

Proton radiotherapy offers a chance for patients with previously poorly treatable tumours (tumours of the skull base tumours of the sinuses and some other tumours close to vital organs).

Proton radiotherapy is also a chance for a better life after the treatment for a broad spectrum of tumours of the head and neck (tumours of the salivary glands, pharynx, larynx, nasopharynx, and others).

NOTE:  Conventional radio therapy with photons can be effective in tumours. However in up to 50% of patients there may be a recurrence of the tumour in the originally site affected area. Additionally conventional irradiation of head and neck can cause loss of vision, loss of hearing or function of salivary glands, so patients often left having to rely on a liquid diet.

SO…..Avoid risks of conventional radiation therapy. Proton therapy offers effective and safe treatment option for head and neck cancer.

BENEFITS OF PROTON treatment for patients with head and neck cancer:

Greater chance to cure tumours of the sinuses with the preservation of sight, the base of the skull and tumours in close proximity, without the risk of damage

Possible early initiation of radiotherapy planning (within 14 days of consultation in our centre)

Reducing the risk of acute and late side effects during and after treatment

Individual approach, careful treatment planning, regular checks (including CT, or MRI) irradiated area during irradiation and after treatment

Proton treatment will:

Reduce the dose to the spinal cord by up to 80%

the salivary glands by 20%,

Reduce dose to swallowing tracts by 50%

Reduce the dose to the brain stem and nervous structures of the brain by up to 100%

The brain stem and nervous structures of the brain by up to 100%.

Proton therapy is suitable mainly for the following diagnoses: Radical therapy – localized or locally advanced head and neck cancer, adjuvant or salvage radiotherapy after surgery

Effects of proton therapy brain tumour

Proton therapy result brain tumour

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