Breast Enlargement Surgery – Julie Sugar

Interview with Julie Sugar about plastic surgery in Prague

“I like big breasts and I have long wanted to enlarge.”

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Miss Czech Republic finalist

It´s not just women over 50 who are interested in having breast enlargement plastic surgery, young and attractive women like Miss Czech Republic finalist Julie Sugar can benefit from cosmetic surgery as well. We caught up with her in Prague to find out about her breast enlargement surgery.


Julie Sugar – Miss Czech Republic Finalist 2008

Julie, why did you decide to have plastic surgery?

“I like big breasts and I have long wanted to enlarge.”

At what age did you first start thinking about implants?

“In the age of 20 I realized that I have a smaller bust with respect to height.It measures 181 cm, bust size of about 1 – 1.5 seemed really small. ”

Was your decision to undergo a second operation for professional reasons?

“Modelling is devoted to the free time.For me the priority is a stable and interesting job.Appearance for me is not a primary source of livelihood.I like modelling.Some people like high heels, I like larger breasts.In my work this does not change anything.Even successful entrepreneurs, politicians, etc. have large breasts.”

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julie pre op

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Julie post op

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Julie in recov












Do you mind men admiring your cleavage?

“I never go out in public dressed provocatively.Every man will look at a woman with big breasts.This is normal, I’m used to it.People look at me, but probably because I’m taller and more slender, long legs, dark hair. ”

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Julie goodbye

Julie has fulfilled her dream of a bigger bust and is dedicated to work in the office.Although a successful model Julie decided to enlarge her breasts for the Czech Miss contest in 2009, together with a number of campaigns for many brands, photographers and designers.She has worked in co-operation with Victoria’s Secret and Petr Blecha, make-up artist of stars such as Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion, Sharon Stone and Penelope Cruz to name but a few.

In her spare time Julie devotes herself to Ayurveda, Yoga and Indian culture together with sport and healthy lifestyle. The golden rule to keeping a slim figure she says is not to eat after 6pm. “Everyone has a different figure and it’s up to us how we feel.You don´t have to have a figure like a model to be confident and happy.”


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