face-lift procedure is the ‘smart’ technology era leading us to wrinkles?

face-lift procedure

A Face-lift procedure.  The high tchnology era has its benefits and downfalls like every aspect in life. Sure the gadgets, tablets and smartphones make our life much easier, with evolving technology even allowing us to control our fridge and washing machine from an App. With so much reliance on technology for entertainment, news, work, education, socialising, shopping and so on, we consciously or unconsciously end up spending more than 10 hours a day glued to our screens and away from the natural environment and daily chores that are meant to keep us healthy and up and running.

Just how constant use of the keyboard can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury, the posture we indirectly adapt into due to our body’s fight or flight mechanism not only stiffens the muscles causing body ache and other illnesses but also affects how we will age with time according to a recent research report.

face- lift procedure…MAYBE! 

We hear you ask how? The tilted posture that one moulds into to stare at the device screens is known to shorten the neck muscles, lead to sagging jowls and double chin, exaggerating the deep lines between the mouth and the neck. Try and notice the ‘smartphone face’ when you are skyping a friend abroad or indulging in a video web chat of any sort and see how your muscles form into a saggy mess whilst doing so.

The obvious recommendation would be to take constant breaks from these digital screens, keep a conscious eye on your posture making sure you keep your chin up, always rest on a back support and do not lean forward where ever possible. Try and identify the reason which leads you to gaping with your mouth open, staring right into the screen. It can be your weak eye sight perhaps consider getting it checked.

Having said that, it can be almost inevitable for a majority of us to take such frequent breaks and stay away from digital devices due to our hectic work schedule.

Cosmetic surgery options 

face-lift procedure variants.

If you are young, we suggest looking into the possibility of a scar and incision free Aptos Thread Lift in your 30’s to maintain the chiselled contours of your youthful face. It costs less than a traditional face-lift procedure and takes less time to heal, giving just as good results.

If you are in your 40’s however and have been a victim of the ‘smartphone face’ already, the damage can be undone by a traditional Face Lift that removes excess skin alongside tightening the entire face from the jawline, chin and cheeks, Cheek implants to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones or a Botox Treatment to relax muscles and prevent wrinkles altogether.

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Liposuction procedure is it on your wedding to-do list?

Liposuction procedure information


Fitting nicely into wedding dress

Its a rollercoaster ride on its own when planning for a wedding-right? It’s almost impossible to know where to begin with. The perfect Venue, ring, ‘the dress’, flowers, caterers, presents and most importantly the after party – the honeymoon.

With so much on your mind, you don’t want the added burden of worrying about weight issues, diet, and exercise. We are not implying in any way that yoy should ignore these issues but they should not become an obsessive focal point in your pre-wedding preparations.  [Read more…]

Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Plastic surgery versus the natural option

Its often said that inner beauty is more important as opposed to the superficiality of outer beauty. In an ideal world we agree with this.  However a persons inner beauty usually does not get the airing it deserves, because peoples interactions are usually based on aesthetic aspects. Chemistry, a desire to mingle with the so called “beautiful people.”  Dating, clubbing and the night life is the best example of this.


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Rhinoplasty The dilemmas of what is an ‘ideal’ nose


How often do you look at a person’s nose instead of their eyes whilst having a conversation with them? It it’s the former, and if you personally are unhappy with your nose shape and size, Rhinoplasty can be the answer at rectifying both quite naturally.

Technically speaking the nose is the guardian of your lungs filtering the air that passes through it.

However it has always been known more for its superficial aspect compared to biological ones. In some cultures they believe that nose shapes reveal a person’s characteristics and personality!

A popular one is the belief that those with a blunt shaped nose is shifty, irresponsible and cannot be trusted. Of course these beliefs are a mix of legend  and myths. Nevertheless we cannot ignore the fact the nose is one of the most prominent and visible parts of the face .

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Anti-wrinkle creams vs surgical facelift

Surgical facelift against anti wrinkle creams

For those obsessed with anti-wrinkle creams and genuinely believe anything that has ‘anti-ageing’ written on the box will do what it claims, are wrong most of the time. A majority of these products are in fact geared for age prevention and don’t necessarily reverse the signs of ageing as such, but simply slow down the ageing process and prevent skin from getting worse.

If you are young and in your 30’s,  it is a fact that consuming less sugar, soaking up less sun light, and smoking less cigarettes, will make sure your skin stays supple and the collagen level stays intact. Regularly using SPF, skincare products containing Vitamin C and E, Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid will also help in preventing premature ageing, keeping skin elastic and bouncy for longer.

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Aptos Featherlift or threadlift Face Lift Surgery

Aptos Featherlift or Threadlift

Developed by the renown Georgian Professor Marlen Sulamanize, it offers options for patients who are not indicated for a general aneasthetic. Or perhaps scared of the idea for no end of reasons.

This procedure has few different names such as as:- Aptos Threads, Aptos lifts, Featherlift etc. etc.

Tempted to improve your facial appearance? Want a more youthful look but scared of the scalpel?

Well…..now you don’t need to- with the incredible APTOS featherLift. Aptos Featherlift is a method in which the skin of your face is stretched by a system of fine threads. In contrast to a surgical facelift there are no incisions or removal or fat tissue.

It is a highly effective and very gentle method. Read on to find out more…

Aptos Featherlift

Aptos thread lift surgery after – patient 3 – side view

Aptos Featherlift

Aptos thread lift surgery before – patient 3 – side view

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Young at heart but! is a facelift rhytidectomy the answer!

Facelift Rhytidectomy surgery.

It’s a common problem that even A-list celebs suffer from. Don’t we all love that feeling of being uplifted and energised from within when almost anything in the world can be conquered? 

With age comes wisdom and the ability to deal with life more tactically and eventually making the right choices.

Hence it’s not uncommon for us to see so many mature men and women apparently quite satisfied and contented looking in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

In contrast for most of us that one look in the mirror, peeking at those deep set lines mapping the face, those dominating saggy contours and fine lines overpowering your beautiful face, has no right to dampen your young spirit!

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Cosmetic surgery in Prague


Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Libby pre face

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

Libby post face

Following the times of Libby Babbage and her cosmetic surgery journey. From Playboy Bunny girl, Model, to Croupier, Air Stewadess, to Enterpeneur.

Born in Prague, married 1970 John and then moved to England where she has remained ever since. Currently regarded by many as a cosmetic surgery Guru

Libby Cetlova married sweetheart John Babbage in Prague February 28th 1970 before moving to Britain to live.

Since then they have travelled between the two countries many hundreds of times.

Libby has imparted the Czech linguistics on John,whilst he was able to help her learn English meaning both of them are now bilingual.

Libby’s early career

Libby drew on her stunning looks and in 1972 not only was she working as a successful part time model, but she had a much coveted position as a Playboy bunny girl. Moving on in 1974, Libby became a croupier, and in 1976 began a 10 year career as an Air Stewardess.

1982 saw Libby and John added to their family with a son Paul. A wife and mother did not suppress her creative desire and since leaving air travel in 1986 her entrepreneurial streak has seen her involved in many projects.

Libbys Later career

In 1995 Libby Babbage, along with husband John created Europa International.

Offering what was, at that time a new and unique business concept- namely: a cheaper (non U.K) cosmetic surgery option in Prague Czech Republic. Being born in Prague enabled Libby to be “privy” to the little known fact (at that time) the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) pioneered 20th century plastic surgery! (refer to publications; Prof. Frantisek Burian).

The work done by Libby has significantly changed the cosmetic surgery world, it is perhaps best explained in her own words:

‘May I say “our own” pioneering work has contributed greatly to placing Czech cosmetic surgery in Prague firmly on the world map.

Prague Czech Republic, was/is and always will be, our sole destination. Therefore we could argue our early work 1n 1995 led to the generating nowadays of: income to the tune of millions of pounds/euros. Not to mention providing “a living” to the entrepreneurial opportunists who “piggy-backed” our intellectual creativity!!’

A fantastic knowledge of the two cultures gives Libby unique skills in helping women from the UK obtain their dream results whilst with Europa International in Prague.

In 2001

Libby decided it was time to reclaim her own youthful looks and underwent a Breast Uplift, had a face and neck lift. The results were awesome.

In 2008

Libby returned for more this time having her tummy tucked, her bingo wing removed and liposuction of her thighs.

In 2009

She underwent a full dental overhaul of her teeth.

In 2011

Her original Cosmetic surgery in Prague was “tidied up” which is recommended after 10 years.

Finally – watch this space! Libby will never rule out having more surgery and could well be signing up for buttock lift, and hand ageing and chest region skin rejuvenation.

Speaking of her own experiences under knife Libby says..

‘I’m totally amazed at my new look – not bad for a 62 year old! Now, I feel confident to show off my figure – I am a new me and feel like a new woman. I fully believe in doing all you can to make yourself feel alive and not be dragged into ‘old age’ – why should I?’

It is clear that such an interest in cosmetic surgery in Prague empowers Libby with more than just a business interest in Europa. Her passion for her chosen specialist area has seen her not only transform her looks, but after helping hundreds of happy clients, her career role into one the most successful cosmetic surgery gurus of her time.