Stay looking young and cosmetic surgery considerations

Cosmetic surgery considerations

Vanessa breast implants with Europa

Cosmetic surgery considerations




A few tips and pointers for you.

A Cosmetic surgery procedure will improve your appearance by adjusting various parts of your body. Parts which generally are in good working order but quite simply- don’t look how you would wish.

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Facelift surgery is it for me?

Facelift surgery is it for me?

Face lift – before – Libby

Facelift surgery is it for me?

Face lift – after – Libby







Facelift surgery is it for me?

Libby Babbage former Director (now retired) Europa International. Post op still slightly bruised but 7 days after her facelift.

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1960’s Woodstock were you there? Facelift plastic surgery

Facelift plastic surgery  – is it for me?

Facelift plastic surgery

hippy bus

So you were once a wild child hippie, me too.  Those were the days. We thought we were going to live forever. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Next came the assassination of Kennedy, and the death of America’s film goddess, Marilyn Monroe.  It seems like only yesterday.  Yet today there’s the bus pass and pension to prove the passage of time.  And there’s another big reminder of the passing years – you’ve got an aging body to go with all those memories.   Today you see all those lines and you see old. [Read more…]

From a 60’s wild child to now- a facelift plastic surgery time!

facelift plastic surgery

Age 63 surely that can’t be me! From a 60’s wild child to an OAP its facelift time!

A  facelift plastic surgery story is it time for you?

facelift plastic surgeryIt’s often said a sign of old age is when it seems everyone we encounter either at work, socially, trips to the bank, Dr’s surgery, or the Vet’s etc. all  appears to be that much younger than ourselves. Most of the girls I see on the make-up counter in our local department store looks as if they should still be in school. The list is endless.

Often unwittingly I find myself saying to people “do you remember” it could be a pop artist, politician, TV show, famous event and then I stop myself, and think “Crikey” they wouldn’t remember, after all they are ONLY age 30!

I didn’t spend every day gloomily reflecting about my advancing years. However something occurred which really struck a chord and prompted me to embark on my facelift plastic surgery journey. To explain, I received a copy of a letter from my orthopaedic surgeon sent to my GP.

The letter began ” I recently saw this 63 year old woman” and I read on further thinking ‘this must be a mistake’ until any doubts were banished when my actual full name was there in bold print.


Surely this can’t be me-oldie, heading for the “knackers” yard, old biddies  etc!

So that’s me-a relic, dinosaur, seen better days with the Bingo and whist drives beckoning me. Often I find myself reading something about  a celebrity from what seemed not too long ago stated that she/he is now age 64-something. Then it “sinks in” that so am I-or near enough!

The 1980’s seems just like yesterday. Particularly from then on where have all the years vanished to? Boy George, Samantha Fox, Pet Shop Boys, heavy mobile phones, Filofaxes I just can’t believe we have moved on so quick. Then again 1985 to now, is 28 years gone by. This takes what was then a 35 year old woman to being today a 63 year old.

Inside I haven’t changed much at all.

I still like an occasional booze session with my husband, and now our Son and his girlfriend join us too. We often go on late into the night with lots of raucous laughter together with smoking too many fags. I dress fairly trendily, always have done so!. I’d say all in all I simply don’t fit the profile of your average pensioner. I do have a bus pass, but thus far refrained from using it.

Actually I don’t feel very old at all. The only frequent reminder is my need to use spectacles. In fact I have a stock of around five or six scattered around the house, as often, I can’t remember where I left them. Ah…yes….my memory, I forgot about that one! See below the difference a facelift made to our MD.

facelift plastic surgery
facelift plastic surgery


On the outside with the help of my cosmetic surgeon I have done all I can to” hold back” the advancing years and will continue to do. So, what about a facelift plastic surgery procedure?l

Want to know more?..well here you are!

A full facelift or half of one options?

A full Facelift or half of one?

Are you of the age where you’re feeling like you wouldn’t mind a little nip and tuck to let yourself grow older gracefully?

Well, we suggest you read through this article carefully in order to make sure that you are choosing the right approach to help you feel young again, and in the most effective and affordable way possible.  Here below is a good example of how cosmetic surgery can improve a persons appearance.

A full Facelift or half of one?

A full Facelift or half of one?

Aptos thread lift surgery before – patient 3 – front view

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Eye bags surgery great improvements here!

eye bags surgery


Georgina from Prague
eye bags surgery

upper eye surgery pre op

eye bags surgery

Upper eyes surgery post op

These days its often perceive that  eye bags surgery are a kind of common imperfection of the face. 

It’s inevitable that bags makes one look older, more tired, and unhappy with life- generally.

But not enough sleep, unhealthy diet, smoking, allergies, or fatigue, are not the only primary reasons responsible for them.

Sometimes eye bags     (hereditary factors) can also make them present even in younger people. But these unsightly effects are more exaggerated in older people.

Years of exposure to the sun and thinning skin around the eyes(due to ageing) all contribute.

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Going under the knife: A good career move

Cosmetic surgery

Going under the knife is it a good career move? An increasing number of  executives, investment bankers and head fund managers are opting for Cosmetic Surgery to propel their career. It goes without saying that education, confidence, personality and the characteristics of a person play are the primary factors in determining how they shall climb the corporate ladder but one cannot also deny that looks don’t help! There are numerous studies that show how beautiful people are perceived to be more intelligent, well presented, smart and social on the first glance. In a world where humans are used to judging a book by a cover, it is inevitable how a pleasing appearance can help graduates get jobs, employees get promotion or bosses taken more seriously with a queue of employees seeking their approval.

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