Anti-wrinkle creams vs surgical facelift

Surgical facelift against anti wrinkle creams

For those obsessed with anti-wrinkle creams and genuinely believe anything that has ‘anti-ageing’ written on the box will do what it claims, are wrong most of the time. A majority of these products are in fact geared for age prevention and don’t necessarily reverse the signs of ageing as such, but simply slow down the ageing process and prevent skin from getting worse.

If you are young and in your 30’s,  it is a fact that consuming less sugar, soaking up less sun light, and smoking less cigarettes, will make sure your skin stays supple and the collagen level stays intact. Regularly using SPF, skincare products containing Vitamin C and E, Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid will also help in preventing premature ageing, keeping skin elastic and bouncy for longer.

But if you are in your 40’s or 50’s and have not paid much attention to the above advice, earlier on, (we’re all guilty of skipping SPF aren’t we?), anti-wrinkle creams will solely hydrate the saggy loose skin and wrinkled area of your face and eyes superficially, for a temporary period and that’s it.

Alternatively opting for a Surgical Facelift delivers a much better results and  a longer lasting solution.

The dfference being is one delivers a superficial improvement, whereas a surgical facelift solution digs deep down to ‘fix’ the root cause of the problem.

Surgical facelift

cosmetic surgery yes or no!

A combination of Rhytidectomy (face) and Blepharoplasty(eyes) by our highly qualified surgeons using the long lasting SMAS technique, delivers real and long lasting results.

Restoring once again that youthful skin you once possessed. At the same time eliminating eyes bags and the saggy areas around the chin and neck.

Basically creatIng a new you – more confident and with a sweet sixteen glint in the eye!

A surgical facelift can be a time of combined optimism and anxiety.

We won’t lie and tell you its totally pain-free because it- isnt.

However by providing you with all the plain facts, without hiding any negative aspects, you can reach a balanced and informed decision.

The final outcome is truly worth every minute of the effort put in by yourself and our surgeons and we don’t only say that but we have a tonne of very happy customers with their testimonials to support it.

Have a look at the gorgeously radiant Libby Babbage(MD) herself after the facelift surgery, which includes targeting the eye area.

Try and guess her age? Go ahead, we dare you! No amount of anti-wrinkle cream marketing gimmick can achieve such results for sure.