A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger-can be yours!

We cover tbe most interesting and fascinating latest innovations which are the talk of current aesthetic medicine congresses worldwide.

 Growth factors often described as cellular growth that can take twenty years off your facial appearance. A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younge

Painless bone surgery!

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger

Facial rejuvenation


A more youthful voice a and face 20 years younger

Japanese physicians are experimenting with a growth factor that is injected into the skin.

They have demonstrated that skin treated in this way appears to be 20 years younger.

This became evident as this growth factor kick -starts the production of new tissue.



New conservative procedures in Maxillary reconstruction

The cavity above the molars represents a serious pitfall with dental implant surgery in the upper jaw. The cavity can be filled during sinus-lift surgery, however this procedure in not always the most pleasant. A solution in certain cases may be represented by an internal approach from the oral cavity, so-called crestal sinus-lift.

New procedures are emerging to make this procedure more simple and accurate. 

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger

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Tattoo removal

by lasers has become much faster process for two reasons. It has been shown that it is safe to perform several interventions during a single session with several pauses between them. We use a special fluid which protects the skin it’s a special substance that is used e.g. in vitreous fluid replacement. This substance prevents the skin from tearing. Another trick involves the shortening laser impulse durations. Our clinic now uses impulses which last trillionths of a second instead of the previous billionth of a second. This is very difficult to visualise, but the skin does heal more rapidly and the tattoo requires less intervention.

Surgery Leading To A More Youthful Voice.

With age, the timbre (colour and quality) of a person’s voice changes. Often this is due to disease such as: papillomatois of the larynx or “nodules” on the vocal chords all of which need further investigation.

Even entirely healthy people suffer from cange of the larynx area as they grow older,

In Paris, they have developed a technique combining laser adjustment of tissue and filing of the vocal chords with hyaluronic acid.

This involves very precise chiselling, where even a very tiny mistake can cause permanent damage to the patient.

The procedure is still in experimental stages. However post surgery results presented were extremely interesting. The difference between the voice before and after the procedure, were quite astonishing.

The patients  middle aged mother sounded very much like her daughter afterwards.

It will be interesting as to whether or not this procedure will be taken up by professionals, especially singers or anyone who desires to have a voice corresponding to perhaps their new more youthful appearance.

A more youthful voice and a face 20 years younger- what a prospect!