Child cancer brain tumours (proton) treament

childhood cancer brain tumours  (medulloblastoma)


  • Improved chances of a complete recovery and normal continuing healthy development
  • Substantially less risk of tumour recurrence
  • Treatment option under either a  partial or total anaesthetic

Comparing it  to conventional radiotherapy, Proton Therapy offers:

  • Reduced  risks of IQ impairment by 27%
  • Reduced  risks  of lung damage by 60%
  • Preserves overall fitness levels by 75%

child cancer brain tumours treatment options.

As you may be aware, in UK the (NHS) are in the process of building two proton beam centres due for completion cca-2018. Whilst this is good news for some, the actual number of patients who will receive the proton treatment will be quite limited. As we understand it treatment will only be available in paediatric cancer conditions.

We have learned there is a lot of medical scepticism/doubters out there towards the benefits of Proton over conventional radiotherapy. We do not feel its right or justified to comment on this issue as we do not have a medical training background.

However In the case of children it has become recognised/acknowledged worldwide as the preferred option. Or, I guess -the NHS wouldn’t be investing in two of them specifically for this purpose.

In the last few years the NHS have funded  in excess of 100 children travelling to USA specifically for Proton Therapy cancer treatment to head neck and spine. See links here:

Bearing in mind they could save themselves a lot of money by sending them to Prague instead of the USA-perhaps I should tell the NHS about this

Here is a link to where we take yuou:-

Meet the boy who beat cancer-   Doctors in the UK were poised to amputate all of his limbs!

Still unsure about Proton cancer therapy?- We rest our case!

Statistically over 80% of children treated with Proton are fully cured. Independent research shows that Proton Therapy can substantially lower the risk of reducing IQ in children by 27%. It also protects the lungs by 60%, and generally improves affect children’s conditions by up to 75%.

Here you can find a case study of one of our clinics young patients


Exposure to childs brain using conventional radiation treatment

Kids brain area healthy tissue damage following radiotherapy

Brain tumour kids proton

Proton therapy results child brain tumour

Proton beam brain cancer treatment

Comparison exposure to radiation Proton v radiation