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Jackie pre op

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My cosmetic surgery experiences:  Tunisia, UK, Prague.

Hi John and Libby,

As promised I am pleased to recount my cosmetic experiences in 3 different countries.

Tunisia. Tummy Tuck. Although technically the surgery was OK and turned out alright, I can say I was lucky, and it could have easily gone the other way.

I had a quick consultation, and blood sample taken. However as was the case with you, there was no E.C.G. or indeed a consultation with an internal medicine specialist, all of which I have since learned is basic procedure and important. I was then  whisked off to the theatre. One night hospital stay and then released. I was discharged without any dressing/gauze etc. painkillers in fact….zilch.  I was told I must purchase these items myself from a local chemist. The drain was painfully removed and the fluid was forcefully drained from me. I have since discovered the drain should have remained in for 2-3 days. There was only one follow up planned which came earlier as I was in pain.

Fortunately I had my sister with me who had to travel around the city searching for dressings and medication. Eventually the hotel we stayed at provided some of the medication and dressings from their own first aid cabinet. We booked through an agent such as yourselves but unfortunately they were frankly non existent. The worst point when I was in bad pain one evening, I rang the agent and said I needed to see the Doctor urgently and she told me: “why couldn’t you have rang earlier it’s evening and I am not working now”. I spoke to a lady patient (mag’s) at your clinic, who confirmed 2-3 nights stay for a tummy tuck.

UK Chin liposuction. Cost over £3000.00. One of the biggest clinics in UK with numerous regional facilities.

Basically it was done very badly, and I ended up with fat pockets to one side making my chin look assymetric. I was so uncomfortable with the surgeon I decided not to complain, as I did not trust him to be able to put it right.

2 minutes initial consultation with surgeon. On the day of surgery I discovered to my alarm, it was a different surgeon! No further consultation or discussion, straight through to surgery. No pre-op internal medicine specialist, no ECG. Post op there was no after care at all. Not even a phone call to ask how I am progressing.

Prague Face and Necklift. From the moment we arrived in Prague where John met me and my sister, he made us very much at ease and comfortable. He was available for us 24 hours a day and attended to all our needs. Not that we needed any help the clinic provided everything. He took us to the company’s beautiful apartment where we had a really comfortable stay. John went over and above what he had to do by looking after my sister too. Taking her for breakfast, and waiting for her, to take her back to the apartment. None of this was in the contract.

The clinic itself was state-of-the-art, with a hygiene regime which was beyond anything I had ever witnessed. I had a full medical with an internal medicine specialist, as well as an ECG and blood taken. The surgeon was marvellous, attentive, confident and reassuring. I asked for the wonky chin to be corrected and redefined, tighten the neck, and central face region. All of this he achieved  brilliantly and apart from some bruising it’s looking good. The nurses were superb, kind and attentive. One in particular on follow up visits, always rushed over to see me and asked how I was. I had regular follow up visits with the same surgeon and John was in attendance every time. He also kept us amused and always took us for breakfast afterwards. Nothing was too much trouble. In contrast to Tunisia, I was overloaded with medication and gauze dressings.

Apart from the absolutely spotless condition of the clinic, before either John or my sister were allowed to visit me, they had to don full medical protective clothing, including foot coverings. Even the toilets had a revolving polythene seat cover, which changes every time it is used.

In closing John  mentions that he is often asked by enquirers-how do I know it’s safe?


I rest my case!! I’m coming back for more!!





Jackie Brown