Growning old is inevitable-looking younger is negotiable!

Libby's face after face-lift

Age : 62

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Before eyelid surgery

After eyelid surgery


Europa established 1996. First in the world to market -overseas- Czech Cosmetic surgery in -Prague.

Always Leading -we let others do -the following!

Still here after almost two decades. The UK’s (if not worldwide) inventors of the concept of plastic surgery in Prague medical tourism.

We only use/have genuine real patient images. Some taken only days after surgery showing exactly how it  is-bruising, scars, etc. Clinical archives, no make-overs-no “stock” images, enhancements, or bias  towards any age group. Hello my name is Libby Babbage  at Europa International.  We offer affordable plastic surgery in Prague. Whilst taking a look around our site you will note that I myself underwent a number of cosmetic surgery procedures in Prague.  Take a look and see what you think! Having gained a vast amount of  first hand knowledge over the years, I am more than happy to pass on the benefits of my experiences. Looking back its amazing to recall the number of media “hyped up ” so- called  miracle procedures which came and went. Sadly, sold rather like by- gone -snake oil pedlars. I am pleased to say our clinic rather sensibly avoided all this hyped up stuff. As for me, I am renown for professionalism, integrity, candid advice and recommendations. Why not ask about our Spa vacation add-on. Reassuringly we are not your cheapest option out there, we don’t- “DO” cheap surgery. I hope you enjoy your visit to our site and for more information  give us a call, or, drop us a line.

pre facelift

frontal pre face

Libby Babbage after facelift

Libby post facelift op.

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