Safe Cosmetic surgery (Est.1996)

Cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic

cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic

Libby Babbage age 63 pre facelift

cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic

Libby Babbage age 63 post facelift

 UK based although Cosmetic surgery takes place in Prague-is it for you? You are now at the website of  the widely recognised founders in the concept of cosmetic surgery trips to Prague (Czech Republic)

Delivered 20,000 successful surgeries since day-one back in 1996. Proud to say- Not ONE complication.  Europa International -copied by many although in Libby’s view-emulated by none. In her frank opinion none have brought anything new to the table!

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When perusing the video library (below) please take into account these videos were accumulated over a number of years. They are mainly non repeatable one-off’s which she is very proud of.

One or two videos have never reached beyond “demo” stage  so apologies- for poor quality in places![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Helped over 20,000  patients from across the entire globe to achieve safe and great natural results.  A proud unblemished-(forgive the pun) record without one single adverse outcome.

“Our Sylvia” and all about her cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic (Prague)

‘Sylvia’ one of our all- time favourite patients sent us a great testimonial click on image below to read it. Sylvia plans going back again soon for further cosmetic surgery procedures-what a star!

cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic

Sylvia facelift

Cosmetic surgery vacations in Czech Republic (Prague) we invented it!

The first in Prague and the first to recognise and  market the skills of Czech surgery. Widely media acclaimed appearing on both ITV and BBC.  Whoever else today is offering Czech Republic (Prague)  they are following in our wake! These days there are plenty of offers for cosmetic surgery in Prague the trick is -which clinic and which surgeon!

Here you will find a wealth of information.

We hope you might find it helpful. Although the surgery has always taken place in the Czech Republic (Prague) Libby is based in Luton. Libby holds a proud record of not one single surgical complication since ‘day one’ back in 1996.  Cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic-Prague. An exceptional information resource for those considering cosmetic surgery.

Not just-talking the talk-walking the walk.

Libby has herself undergone most cosmetic surgery procedures: Face and Necklift x 2, upper and lower eyes (Co2 laser) surgery (blepharoplasty) breast uplift, extensive liposuction, tummy tuck, forearms. Libby’s images can be found on our site and in our videos.

Cosmetic surgery facelifts performed well- can look natural.

Libby’s facelift surgery does not scream out ‘plastic’ just a natural pleasing look. Certainly not a tacky overdone “Essex” type makeover. Libby of course fully accepts she is never going to look age 20 again, and doesn’t aspire to! Recognised, and acknowledged, pioneer/innovator in the sphere of overseas cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic.

Uniqueness within our industry.

Libbys, Europa international -the only facilitator where the actual owners of the company- accompanies the patient and held their hand from start to finish. Undoubted media preferred -See press and media and BBC/Anglia TV.

The only provider of cosmetic surgery in Czech Republic– where the actual owner has personally undergone (at our chosen clinic) virtually every cosmetic surgery available on the market.