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Welcome to Europa international. A bit about us. After 3 years of research we became formally established in 1996..that is a very long time! . Since then we have delivered  home safely each and every one of our patients. We do the job properly in that we (either myself Libby or my husband John) are with you from start to finish. You will find when searching our site an enormous number of testimonies, press articles, TV appearance on both Anglia and BBC Look East. Having myself undergone numerous cosmetic surgery procedures I am able to describe  uniquely from personal experiences exactly what to expect. I do this in plain English and tell you exactly how it is. For the more sceptical you can pay me a visit to see the results first hand.



Libby our MD last year age 62!

Libby pre facelift



Libby March 2014


What’s new!

1) Jane Llewellyn from Brighton:- Breast uplift and reduction. Read her account here and see her really amazing results. Included  you will find her full name and address too!

The results look “so good” we can appreciate anyone being sceptical as to their authenticity. You have her address ,why not -ask her!

jane LLewellyn

click here

2) Vaser Liposuction.  We are now able to offer this truly incredible procedure at our clinic. We are happy to recommend as for sure it does not come into the category of a fad. Moreover works on older people, and as a bonus actually tightens loose skin. Unfortunately it isn’t cheap add 40% to our regular liposuction charges,

Europa International headed up by Libby Babbage  highly acclaimed  by national  media. We are the only overseas cosmetic surgery organisers to have EVER  been commissioned by two national magazines both the: “Full House” and “Chat” to provide the facelift surgery for two of their competition winners – Win a facelift!  In addition both stories were followed throughout by both  BBC Look East and  Anglia TV (see video section).

We welcome you to browse our client testimonials where you will find numerous stories/thank you letters featuring our former patients.

When looking  around our website at various before and after images you will find only raw clinical archive type photo’s of real people. Maybe not professional-but actually were never meant to be: read more on this topic.

Here below  are  2 images of myself Libby Babbage (owner) and my video showing what a massive difference a good facelift can make.

Libby says: “What pleases me  most of all is that my cosmetic surgery results are extremely natural and apart from very close scrutiny virtually undetectable. During our 17 years as cosmetic surgery coordinators we have acquired a quite unique insight into the world of cosmetic surgery. Why is that you may well ask????…it’s because we accompany each and every patient throughout the entire experience. From meeting them at Prague airport, looking after them every day until boarding the plane home again.  PIP breast implants we never used them! Imagine if we had – Being surgery abroad the press would have had a field day! Looking back its amazing to recall the number of “fad” procedures which have come and mostly-gone. Yes invariably totally ineffective-useless. Today there are quite a number of copy-cat services sprung up-we feel its an ironic compliment that by climbing on the back of our creativity certain people can derive an income for themselves.

Uniquely we organise everything from the time you arrive at Prague airport (John is there for you). From then on you are escorted to your accommodation, and subsequently taken for your consultation, introduced to all the clinic staff and we remain with you for consultations and right up until you are called for surgery. We escort you for post op follow ups, call in on you every day and are at your service right up until returning with you to Prague airport.  John incidentally speaks very good Czech”.



Libby before thigh liposuction

Libby before and after arm lift

Libby before and after arm lift










Lipo suction - Libby - after

Lipo suction – Libby – after


Libby with surgeon after liposuction

I’m totally amazed at my new look – not bad for a 60..something year old!

At the same time as having my tummy flattened I wanted the smaller arms (upper arm lift) to match and get rid of the embarrassing ‘bingo-wings’ or Brachioplasty.

Not content with my new washboard tummy and thinner arms I wanted to start on my thighs.

I was told to have   little done at a time because of my age which did not bother me, as it’s so easy to travel these day…




Yes- images below are of the same lady! There are many critics of cosmetic surgery-we rest our case.

Aptos thread lift surgery before - patient 3 - front view

Aptos thread lift surgery before – patient 3 – front view

Aptos thread lift surgery before - patient 3 - side view

Aptos thread lift surgery before – patient 3 – side view









Patient 3 - Aptos thread lift post-op front view

Patient 3 – Aptos thread lift post-op front view

Aptos thread lift surgery after - patient 3 - side view

Aptos thread lift surgery after – patient 3 – side view











Often cosmetic surgery abroad has been described by sections of the media and BAAPs as somewhat risky and unsafe.  I’d say 17 years of taking cosmetic surgery patients to Prague without even so much as a blip does to a large extent, give rise to question the  validity of such claims. Whenever anything is seen as mildly “marketing”  the establishment “hackles go up “see:  world’s first cosmetic surgery lottery  Here is a great reply from a journalist in Las- Vegas. Does it mean if someone has inherited or won the money on the lottery for example they are unsuitable for cosmetic surgery? I say if a person walks into any clinic in UK nobody would  ask where did they get the money from -to pay for their surgery!….I think not!

We also deliver cosmetic surgery across the entire spectrum, namely:

Our clinic is totally MRSA free.


  • One fixed fee – no hidden charges includes air ticket allowance and accommodation, and unlimited number of overnight stays in our clinic this is not always the case-beware!
  • Anaesthetic is included. We have noticed some of our competitors list this as a “separate” charge.
  • First-class specialists
  • Over 20,000 successful procedures and counting
  • We are the most experienced lay-advisor out there-why? It was our concept to begin with back in 1993. Since then we have seen everything first hand including stripping of all our intellectual creativity.

Europa International Ltd.

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Delivering safe cosmetic surgery since 1996
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